Did You Know?

Our GIS & Data Analytics team has mapped over 20,000 points of interest across 19 districts within the Lake Chad region (in Chad, Cameroun and Niger)?

eHA Lake Chad Map

This GIS data is crucial in ensuring that polio vaccination campaigns reach the total populations of at-risk individuals. In the past, vaccination campaigns relied on old maps and data, which left thousands of people unaccounted for, and left them out of the campaign plans. However with more robust maps like these,  planning and executing vaccination campaigns has become easier. Now teams can identify missed settlements, map accurate routes for vaccine and other vital health commodities delivery.

Our executive Director, Evelyn Castle, spoke recently at the Global Digital Health Network forum, sharing how using mapping data can help us end infectious disease outbreaks, and shared how eHealth Africa has used GIS mapping to fight polio and ebola. Click here to watch her presentation.

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