State Of The Map Conference at the United Nations

In June 2015, the United Nation's Headquarters in New York City hosted the State Of The Map conference. This annual conference is a place for OpenStreetMap (OSM) users and contributors to come together, share ideas, and explore the future of this powerful tool. Both veterans and new users attend, nurturing an environment of teamwork and working to perfect the OSM platform. 

OSM has been a big part of eHA's work, as eHA is a big contributor to the platform for mapping hard-to-reach settlements for vaccination and other public health needs. When the State Of The Map Conference was held from June 6-8 this year, eHA’s GIS Project Manager Dami Sonoiki submitted a presentation to the OSM forum. His presentation provided a brief summary to conference attendees about eHA’s contributions to OpenStreetMap, and discussed the wide uses on how eHA's GIS team utilizes the platform on a day-to-day basis. 

The presentation sparked many conversations with OSM users and potential GIS partners requesting more information and considering the benefits of working with our organization. 

eHA takes pride in our groundbreaking work with OSM and works hard to lead this work in the mapping and development community. As we continue to contribute and influence the development of the OpenStreetMap platform, we are grateful for our partners in the Open Geospatial Data community that have seen the benefits to public health and have encouraged and supported us along the way.