Exciting New Partnership to Strengthen Child Immunization in Sierra Leone


Remember eHA’s participation in Sierra Leone's national polio campaign?

More than simply a community exercise, this event served as an important stepping stone toward the launch of an exciting new initiative to strengthen children’s health in Sierra Leone.

eHA is proud to announce its new partnership with VaxTrac, an innovative organization which provides technologies to maximize the effectiveness of vaccination programs in developing countries. Between now and May 2017, partners will collaborate with the Child Health Division at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) to implement an electronic registry for children’s immunization throughout Sierra Leone.  

“eHA is excited to collaborate with MoHS and VaxTrac to implement a biometric immunization record system. We believe this project will lead to a higher number of children finishing their vaccination plans, as well as establish a robust immunization record system for Sierra Leone.” - Evelyn Castle, Executive Director and Co-Founder of eHealth Africa

Read the full announcement on VaxTrac’s website!