eHA Hosts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

James Hooper (Senior Officer, Assurance and Risk, BMGF), Nicole Tiano (Senior Finance Manager, BMGF), Evelyn Castle (Executive Director, eHA), Adam Thompson (Executive Director, eHA), Atef Fawaz (Nigeria Deputy Country Director, eHA), Adeola Ogunrinde (Senior Associate, PwC), Nicole Freeman (Grants Manager, eHA), David Bizzaro (Chief Financial Officer, eHA), Charles Spears (HR Director, eHA), Chinedu Nwaodua (Manager, PwC).

eHealth Africa (eHA) was happy to host the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) at our Kano Headquarters from May 18-20 for our first Proactive Assurance Review.

The Assurance Review consisted of an assessment of eHA's financial, programmatic, and organizational management practices. The purpose of the assessment was to allow BMGF to better understand eHA programmatic and operational capabilities. The process provides assurance to BMGF leadership that eHA is utilizing the foundation funds appropriately. 

In addition to the Assurance Review, eHA Executive Directors Evelyn Castle and Adam Thompson had the opportunity to discuss eHA's upcoming Capacity Development Grant with BMGF. The Capacity Development Grant will provide eHA with the opportunity to develop a strategic and operational plan as well as develop some additional core organizational capacities. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity BMGF is providing to eHA through the Capacity Development Grant, as well as the time they have taken to conduct the Proactive Assurance Review. We know both are going to provide eHA with the ability to grow and be successful.