Using Tech to Save Lives in Sierra Leone

Captivated audience

eHA SL Senior Software Developer, Jasper Timm

eHealth Africa (eHA) is often described as an organization which provides technological solutions to strengthen health systems. But what about the “e” in eHA? At the heart of the electronic systems are dynamic software solutions developed and managed by our global health informatics team.

In a quest to highlight achievements, share current projects, and inspire the emerging tech community, eHA’s Sierra Leone’s Information Systems Information Systems team led a “Hacks/Hackers Meetup” in Freetown this November. Hosted by local collective “Sensi Tech Innovation Hub,” the event brought together a mix of technology enthusiasts and software coders with a passion for health.

eHA disease surveillance software

Team Manager Manuel Loistl and Senior Software Developer Jasper Timm spoke to a packed house about the Information System team’s role in a variety of eHA activities. This included an overview of: how eHA created mobile applications to track Ebola patients and potential patients during the Ebola outbreak and established the 117 emergency call center’s digital interfaces to connect health workers across all regions of Sierra Leone. Currently, the team is customizing DHIS2 software into a disease surveillance system for Sierra Leone, as well as supporting software modifications in a new partnership with VaxTrac. Additionally, Jasper covered important Information Systems processes and systems necessary to generate high-quality digital solutions to meet Sierra Leone’s unique health needs.

Excitement was in the air as many participants stayed after the presentations to engage with the team and play with demos of various software solutions created for different eHA initiatives.

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