Meet the Team - Mariam Diop

Mariam joined the eHealth Africa team over 2 years as a project manager in our Sierra Leone office. She managed the 117 Call Center project during the Ebola Virus disease (EVD) epidemic. After the EVD epidemic, she was instrumental in transitioning the call center to a sustainable public health mechanism for Sierra Leone. She has worked closely with partners involved in strategic emergency response and surveillance initiatives at national and district level in ensuring the 117 hotline system was a successful tool that aided their decision making processes.

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Working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a team of data managers, she helped develop a comprehensive data warehouse of all EVD related data. The Sierra Leone Ebola Database (SLED) will help support Sierra Leonean researchers on the effects and trends of Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and how lessons learned can help prevent and inform another outbreak.

Mariam embodies the values of eHA, her work as a project manager has made a transformational difference for health care in Sierra Leone. She acts as a planner, troubleshooter, risk manager, mentor and support for her team, and has grown professionally while working  with us at eHealth Africa. We are happy to have Mariam on board the eHealth Africa team.

I dare to say I have become a well rounded public health professional with the growth and experience gained from my position as a Project Manager with eHA.
— Mariam Diop


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