eHealth Africa helping #VaccinesWork with Vaccination Tracking Systems

As we mark World Immunization Week and African Vaccination Week, the eHealth Africa (eHA) team is very proud to be part of the global team working to end polio in Nigeria.

One of the interventions we participate in is the Immunization Plus Days (IPDs). We use geospatial technology and data to support the governments and our partners for immunization activities to contribute to the eradication polio in Nigeria with the vaccination tracking systems (VTS) technology and program.

VTS works by tracking geo-coordinates visited by vaccinators giving the oral polio vaccine during IPDs campaigns, to monitor their activities. These geo-coordinates are compared against already mapped settlements to ensure 100% coverage during immunization campaigns. Our team provides support by providing the application and technical support to local government area teams during these periodic IPDs campaigns. We are working to increase the number of children under 5, vaccinated against polio to interrupt the of transmission of Wild Polio Virus (WPV) in Nigeria.

Recently our teams participated in IPD campaigns in a number of states Nigeria, including Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states. Click through our slide show below as Abdul, one of our project field officers, shares his journey of the recently concluded IPDs campaign in Adamawa state.