The infrastructure, people, and processes required to effectively classify human-collected or environmentally-obtained samples of potential pathogens and health threats, and the mechanisms and interactions needed for that system to drive an appropriate public health response.

We work to build and deploy reporting tools and technologies needed to collect and disseminate lab data.

Our goal is to build and operate effective laboratories in-country, and develop the tools and technologies needed to collect and disseminate information generated from labs in order for stakeholders to appropriately respond to public health events.

In each of country of operation, we create laboratory systems to work in conjunction with surveillance tools to classify and confirm potential health threats. Learn more about our laboratory & diagnostic facilities' services.


  • Design and partner in public health laboratory research conducted in internationally-certified, eHealth Africa-supported laboratories.
  • Increase access to timely and quality diagnostic services for providers of maternal and child health services.
  • Develop and implement a sustainable public health laboratory business model to ensure continuous operations.
Case study

Laboratory Support in Liberia

Laboratory Support in Liberia:

We continue to support Liberia’s Ministry of Health in strengthening the capacity of laboratory and diagnostic systems. This support improves timely reporting of collected specimens throughout the lab system.

With the absence of new Ebola cases in Liberia, we support the development of new diagnostic reporting systems in the labs, which produce data regarding cases of a variety of infectious diseases beyond Ebola. Learn more about Laboratory Support in Liberia.

Notable statistics:


Months of consistent connectivity at 5 labs in Liberia in 2016


labs capable of testing samples for infectious diseases, including Ebola in Liberia


lab desk officers trained and paid in 2016 in Liberia