The Vaccinator Tracking System project (VTS) was introduced in 2012 to support the effort of the Nigerian government and partner agencies towards the elimination of Poliovirus transmission and achieving Polio free certification. VTS uses data collected during immunization plus days (IPD) campaigns to  identify missed or partially covered settlements to improve vaccination geo coverage in the high-risk states.




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The vaccination tracking project (VTS)  uses an android based application to capture  the passive movement of the vaccination team during each IPD campaign. The passive tracks collected from the devices are uploaded onto the dashboard for analytics and visualization. These help the administrators of polio eradication in the country to have a near real-time information on the vaccination coverage during the Immunization Plus Days (IPDs)

The eHA team provides stakeholders with the percentage coverage as well as the list of settlements missed on daily basis during evening review meetings at both the state and LGA level.eHA also supports the training of vaccination teams on the use of maps to improve microplanning.

At the end of IPDs campaign, list of settlements not visited by vaccination team are shared with the State and National stakeholders for mop-up planning as well as prioritization in the subsequent IPDs.

eHA's role

  • Provision of equipment (android trackers, Laptop, Charging board, Generators, etc) and human resources to support the tracking of vaccination activities during IPDs.

  • Upload and transmission of tracks to the emergency operation center and for analytics and visualization of results.

  • Provision of a daily update to the stakeholders during review meetings both at state and Local government level.

  • Training and retraining of vaccination teams as well as stakeholders on the VTS operation and use of maps to support IPDs micro planning and identification of missed settlements.

who benefits
  • Federal Government of Nigeria and Polio eradication partners

  • Children under the age of 5 in high-risk states

  • Local communities



States were tracked by Vaccination tracking team between 2012 to date


Immunization plus activities tracked


State supported for microplan enumeration

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