Vaccine Direct Delivery (VDD) is a third party logistics service provided to the State Primary Healthcare Development Agencies, with the aim of providing effective and efficient distribution of vaccines and dry commodities from state coldstore to health facilities at the ward level. The service provides quality data and reporting to aid decision making regarding planning, scheduling and routing optimization which  improve general vaccine management and reporting.




eHealth Africa works with state primary healthcare development agencies to ensure that vaccines and dry goods are delivered safely and in a timely manner to health facilities. eHA plans, schedules and routes deliveries using the LoMIS Deliver application and shares with health delivery officers, to enable them pick the right quantity of  vaccines and dry goods from state cold stores to health facilities equipped with cold chain equipment.

At the health facility, the health delivery officer counts available stock of vaccines in the cold chain. Using the LoMIS application on his tablet, he ensures the right quantity of vaccines is delivered and gets a sign off from the health facility.  After completion of delivery, the health delivery officer returns remaining stock and waste if any to the state coldstore (Reverse Logistics).



  • Vaccines and dry goods are readily available at health facilities

  • Improvement in stock management and accountability

  • Reduction in stock out rate

eHA's role

  • Ensure timely delivery of vaccines and dry goods to health facilities equipped with cold chain equipment between daily working hours.

  • Ensure vaccines are delivered at a range of between +2 to +8 Degree Centigrade.

  • Deploy the use of World Health Organization (WHO) pre-qualified safety cold boxes for transporting the vaccine.

  • Ensure vaccine management and accountability.

who benefits
  • Bauchi and Sokoto State primary healthcare development agency

  • Children under the age of one in Bauchi and Sokoto

  • Women at childbearing age in Bauchi and Sokoto

  • Health facility staff in Bauchi and Sokoto


27 M+

antigens and dry goods moved from inception in 2014 till date for Kano, Bauchi and Sokoto


successful deliveries


stockout rate in Kano state. Reduced from 93% stock out rate in 2014

success story

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