VaxTrac is a clinic-based, mobile, vaccine registry tool and is used in Sierra Leone to record children’s vaccination data at the time and place of vaccine administration. The main objective of VaxTrac is to provide quality and timely vaccine data that can be used for immunization monitoring, planning, policy formation and decision making to ultimately increase vaccination coverage and decrease the rate of unvaccinated children.


Sierra Leone


U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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VaxTrac has currently been implemented in 50 health facilities within Western Urban District (almost 75% of health facilities in Freetown). 100 nurses (two from each facility)  were trained in the use of VaxTrac on the mobile tablet application. 

Towards the end of improved vaccination rates for children 0-15 months old, the mobile app includes a variety of features. These include clinical decision support, generated correct dates for subsequent immunizations, methods for tracing children who have missed routine vaccinations and, automated reporting which reduces the administrative burden. Supportive supervision and field monitoring is done on a regular basis to address programmatic and technical issues.

Servers store immunization data from all the facilities, and an easily accessible dashboard “VaxTrac Monitor” analyzes the stored and centralized data. Officials from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) and other partners have access to VaxTrac Monitor to study the progress of health facilities, detect poor performing facilities and other key immunization information. 

Major partners are the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, District Health Management Team-Western Area, Child Health Program (both within the MoHS), and Africell. 

eHA's role

  • Deploy the VaxTrac mobile application to all government health clinics in Freetown's Western Area 
  • Train health care workers to use the application to register and track patient immunization
who benefits
  • Health workers
  • Children between 0-15 months 
  • MoHS


Health workers trained on the use of VaxTrac (training of trainers style).

+ 43,929

children registered in VaxTrac.

+ 228,661

registered doses of administered vaccine compiled in VaxTrac.