The Challenge

In many developing countries, poor infrastructure, late deliveries of life- saving commodities and cumbersome paper-based systems for reporting and logistics, make health systems unable to ensure availability and distribution of vaccines and other commodities to health facilities. Furthermore, decision making is slow and inefficient due to manual, error-prone reporting mechanisms.

LoMIS Suite

In 2014, eHealth Africa (eHA) began building a suite of mobile and web applications, LoMIS Stock and LoMIS Deliver to address the supply chain challenges. Using LoMIS Stock, health care workers (HCWs) can bypass the traditional (slow) paper-based reporting system and submit reports instantly using an application on their mobile devices. LoMIS Stock enables supervisors to get near real-time visibility of stock level at health facilities for planning and decision making.

The data from LoMIS Stock can be used to plan and schedule product deliveries to restock health facilities. Built specially to aid drivers and health delivery officers during delivery to health facilities, LoMIS Deliver automates the process of the paper-based ledger entry, to record quantity delivered and stock at hand at health facilities.

eHA recently implemented a new feature to allow health workers to send their reports using USSD technology. This has significantly reduced the reliance on smartphones and internet data.


Together, eHA’s LoMIS Stock and LoMIS Deliver applications provide critical solutions to health commodity availability, vaccine management challenges and enable broader health system policy decisions at the state level and national level.

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LoMIS Stock

As part of LoMIS Suite, LoMIS Stock enables health-workers at the last mile health facility, their supervisors and other stakeholders get health commodity stock visibility in order to make informed decisions.

The solution comprises of:

  • Offline, SMS capable mobile applications installed on Android phones and tablets for health workers.

  • Web application dashboards that aggregate stock levels and utilization from the last mile facility.


Mobile application

  • Send stock-outs at customizable intervals

  • Send stock out alerts

  • Send waste count and reasons for waste

  • Send incoming and outgoing delivery information

  • Send stock utilization for fixed and outreach sessions

  • Update functional status of cold chain equipment


  • Real-time reporting on dashboard

  • Export Reports in CSV

  • Configuration / Access Control

  • Visualize historical data and identify trends


Governments using LoMIS Stock derive the following benefits amongst others;

  • Provides stock visibility at last mile health facility

  • Provides visibility on the status of cold chain equipment at last mile health facility

  • Reduced data collection errors associated with traditional paper-based reporting

  • Improves data-driven decision making which translates to

    • Improved stock availability

    • Reduced stock out rates

    • Reduced wastage

  • Improved health worker accountability

  • Reduces data turnaround time

LoMIS Deliver
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LoMIS Deliver is a technology-based information system that enables logistics service providers to plan, schedule, manage and monitor their pick-up and delivery tasks in near-real-time.

The solution comprises of:

  • Web Dashboard application, from which supervisors plan and monitor deliveries and pick up tasks

  • Mobile application from which drivers report the status and details of the tasks assigned to them


Mobile application

  • Task List assigned to the User (Driver)

  • Item List and Quantities associated with Tasks

  • Status of Tasks

  • e-acknowledgement of task completion by customers


  • Users and user roles

  • Product and product groups

  • Customers' profile with contact details

  • Product (Item) allocation for each customer

  • (Pickup and/or delivery) Tasks assigned to drivers

  • Monitoring, Detailed analytics that provide historic and current patterns

  • Secure, role-based access to any / all relevant stakeholders

  • Near real-time visibility into distribution and goods-in-transit

  • Eliminate data collection errors associated to traditional paper-based reporting

  • Improved accountability due to visibility across distribution value chain

  • Reduce data turnaround time

  • Enhanced data-driven decision-making

  • e-acknowledgement & e-receipts of successfully completed tasks


LoMIS Stock


Kano state healthcare system using its traditional paper-based reporting and logistics methods faced several challenges in ensuring the availability of life-saving commodities and meeting supply chain reliability goals, including substantial degrees of stockouts at last mile health facilities, manually aggregated reports which placed a heavy burden on staff and resulted in data collection errors and delays in providing timely information.


In 2014, LoMIS Stock was introduced to Kano State and currently, health workers in all 484 health facilities, 44 local government areas and 6 zones of Kano state send and review reports using the LoMIS stock application on their mobile phones. The web dashboard allows supervisors to review and validate reports, identify challenges such as minimum stock levels or cold chain equipment breakdowns and address them immediately. To solve the problem of low reporting rates in facilities with poor internet connections, eHA added a USSD feature that would allow health facility workers with inadequate or no data to send their weekly reports in a timely manner. The USSD platform was piloted with the Pharmaceutical Department of the Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board (KSPHCMB).

LoMIS Deliver


In 2014, eHA third-party logistics began to provide vaccine delivery service to Kano State in Nigeria and identified that the main challenges that the healthcare system in Nigeria experiences in ensuring the availability of life-saving commodities at the last-mile health facilities where they are needed, can be summarized as

  • Irregular and untimely delivery of vaccines to health facilities

  • Lack of accurate delivery data and no visibility of products in transit

  • No system in place to track the movement of commodities between facilities/supply channels & point-of-use

  • Pilfering of vaccines in transit that either go undetected or cannot be quantified

  • Substantial degrees of stockout at last-mile health facilities

Using LoMIS Deliver, eHA 3PL health delivery officers (HDOs) are enabled to report, in near-real-time on the

  • Status of the cold chain equipment (CCE) at the last-mile health facilities

  • Quantity of vaccines picked from State / LGA cold stores

  • On-hand vaccine quantities at the health facilities they deliver to

  • Quantity of vaccines delivered to the last-mile facilities

  • Quantity of vaccines returned to the State / LGA cold stores



This data aids visibility at all levels which results in efficient planning and quick, effective decision- making.