Logistic Management Information Systems (LoMIS) is a suite  of offline-capable mobile and web applications “LoMIS Stock” and “LoMIS Deliver” which address challenges with supply/distribution of health commodities to last-mile health facilities.

The LoMIS Suite  applications provide critical solutions to ensure availability of health commodity, effective vaccine management, and enable broader health system policy decisions through the use of real data for insight and execution at the community, state and national level.




Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board

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LoMIS is a technology-based solution that enables last mile health-workers and other actors in the logistic chain to send and receive health commodity information to ensure health facilities are appropriately stocked and have a supporting delivery mechanism.

eHA has developed the software to offer as a service to governments, other development partners, private sector organization and to use internally by  its operations team.

The solution was first deployed in Kano state in 2014.

The solution includes:

  • Offline, SMS capable mobile applications installed on Android phones and tablets for health workers (who manage health commodity stock) and delivery personnel (who manage health commodity deliveries)

  • Web application dashboards that aggregate stock levels, utilizations and quantities delivered to health facilities, including those in the most remote and hard to reach areas.


  • 600 dashboard users trained in 2017

  • Over a million stock counts reported in 2017

  • Over 17 million doses of antigens delivered using LoMIS Deliver

eHA's role

  • Engage stakeholders to elicit and capture LoMIS Suite applications requirements

  • Develop software for the web dashboard and mobile application

  • Provide 1st and 2nd level back-end and help desk support

  • Train users including drivers, last-mile health facility workers and other primary health care workers at various levels on the use of the mobile and web applications respectively

  • Encourage the use of data in maintaining the feedback loop

  • Conduct user acceptance tests to ensure implemented features and workflows meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Deliver presentations and demos at State and National levels to illustrate LoMIS Suite’s capabilities and various incremental features.

who benefits
  • National & State Primary Health Care Development Agencies in Nigeria utilize the LoMIS dashboards to monitor aggregated reports from last-mile health facilities in near-real-time, which enhances their ability to make informed decisions

  • Vaccine delivery third party logistics service providers (including eHA) can use the LoMIS Deliver apps to plan, monitor and regulate movement of vaccines from coldstores to the last-mile facilities

  • Other health commodities logistics service providers can use the LoMIS Deliver apps to plan, monitor and regulate movement of health commodities from supply to the last-mile facilities

How it works

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decrease in Kano State’s stockout rate between 2015 and 2017


decrease in Sokoto state’s stockout rate in 2017


facilities were tracked and received health commodity deliveries in Kano, Bauchi and Sokoto states

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