The people, processes, supplies, and institutions required to deliver health care services to those who need them.

Throughout West Africa, we develop people-centric and data-driven technological solutions to improve health delivery systems to vulnerable communities.

Our goal is to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for underserved populations, primarily through data management and logistics support to enable better decision-making.

We bring fresh ideas to routine immunization with integrated research, communications, design, and delivery which has improved the quality and availability of information, supplies and services to the last mile.

Our objectives:

  • Improve the quality of healthcare for underserved populations
  • Expand the availability of healthcare for underserved populations
Case studies

In Sierra Leone, vaccine-preventable diseases constitute over 30% of the causes of death among children under the age of 5. Recognizing that high quality immunization data is key to improve vaccination rates, eHA is providing support to the VaxTrac electronic immunization registry system.

Through LoMIS, eHA provides reliable vaccine delivery services in Kano, Bauchi, and Sokoto states. LoMIS improves the timely availability of life-saving vaccines and reduces stock-outs in underserved communities.                                                                                                                                     

Health Camps

Health Camp.png

Through the Health Camp Boxes project, eHA is helping the Nigerian government to better supply remote regions with essential healthcare products. Health Camp Boxes work with government partners to provide health boxes stocked with medicines and medical supplies across Kano state.


Kano Connect

Kono Connect.png

eHA distributed more than 1,400 Android phones to Healthcare Workers in Kano state, each equipped with Open Data Kits (ODKs) that make it easy for users to submit data via questionnaires. This project enabled the Kano State government to collect, track, and act on key health performance indicators.

Community health Officer Management Leadership Training Program

Community Health Officer.png

Recognizing the need for leadership and management skills among those in charge of health facilities, eHA is supporting training for Community Health Officers (CHOs). Additionally, eHA modified and implemented an electronic version of the Service Ability and Readiness Assessment (SARA) tool to assist CHOs to track and provide data on whether health posts have the necessary materials to provide basic health care.


Some notable accomplishments include:


Health Camp Boxes have been distributed between 2014 and 2016


Antigens delivered to health facilities throughout Nigeria via LoMIS


Doses registered in the VaxTrac software in the first 1.5 months