Nigeria is a focus country of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and Kano state in Northern Nigeria has been conducting Health Camps in every ward as part of the National Polio Eradication Program. eHealth Africa (eHA) through its Health Camps project, procures, packages and distributes essential medicines and equipment to health facilities across the State, utilizing data to ensure optimal distribution. The goal of the project is to improve the overall community health in Kano State by increasing the uptake of Oral Polio Vaccines (OPV), increasing access to basic health care, providing appropriate referrals, and strengthening the effectiveness of public health campaigns.




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eHealth Africa (eHA) purchased, packaged, and delivered essential medicines and equipment identified on a list approved and maintained by the Kano State Government, WHO, and UNICEF (the commodities) for each Health Camp Box (HCB) to all 44 LGA headquarters prior to each polio campaign, in order to:

  • Increase the number of Children Immunized with OPV

  • Reduce Non Compliance reported during Immunization Plus Days (IPDS)

  • Rapid Malaria diagnosis and treatment

  • Improve Referrals to Health Facilities

  • Increase access to essential medicine in Hard-to-reach locations ( 5km away from a health facility)


Borno State has been conducting efforts to reach every settlement in the state to tackle the emergence of new Polio cases. eHealth Africa (eHA) has supported the Kano state government with five campaigns in 2016. Due to the recent detection of Polio cases in Borno, eHA has been requested to design and supply portable delivery of health commodities in the state with basic medicine that require minimum expertise to administer.

Using lessons learned from the implementation in Kano state, eHA supported Borno state to cover seven Local Government Areas with 17, 200 health bags. Packaged/delivered 17,200 health camp bags for Borno State Government to Maiduguri, Borno State. These bags were used in recently liberated settlements.

 The portable temporary Health Camp met the immediate health needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) sheltered at various centers around LGAs and neighboring states.  

Security was a major challenge the volunteers faced delivering the Health Camp, as such eHA worked with the security service and other stakeholders to situate the Health Camps in readily available and safe areas. However, the Health Camp ameliorated the immediate unmet health needs of IDPs, pregnant women, and children under five and made it easier for them to accept Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) and other vaccines. The project will increase parents’ confidence in the health care system and OPV intake.

eHA's role

eHA created and maintained a detailed inventory of all Commodities purchased and delivered directly to the Health Camps at 484 wards of Kano State. eHA also completed all milestones or deliverables requested by the Health Camp Partners such as:

  • Procurement of Commodities for all Immunization Plus Days (IPDs)

  • Creation of Health Camp Boxes for IPDS

  • Delivery of Health Camp Boxes to LGAs for IPDs

  • Pick up of Registers from LGA

  • Evaluation of amount of Commodities used per camp

  • Evaluation of Health Camp Register use

  • Presentation of monthly reporting metrics to Health Camp Partners

  • Diagnosis and treatment guides for Health Camp Workers

  • Development of outbreak response capability

  • Pharmaceutical waste management guides for Health Camps

  • Supportive supervision of health camp activities during campaigns

  • Capacity Building (refresher training for clinicians and assistant clinicians) for Health camp staff

  • Geographical Mapping off hard-to-reach settlements

who benefits

Target Population of children under five in Kano state; Pregnant women and over five years of age children.



million patients had access to quality essential medication and care across Kano state


clinicians trained to administer care during Health Camps.


packaged and delivered health camp bags for Borno State Government

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