About the Health Delivery Systems Program

eHA has brought new approaches to the development of people centric and data driven technology solutions that connect and deliver better public health delivery systems for vulnerable communities. We have brought fresh ideas to routine immunization with integrated research, communications, design, and delivery which has improved the quality and availability of information, supplies and services to the last mile. Our Effective Vaccine Management Assessment and cold chain resource mapping has improved access to basic health care across Nigeria’s challenging northeastern zone.

This page provides an information and updates for our valued partners on the progress of our flagship Health Delivery Systems Program in Nigeria.

Screenshots of the application:

Above: Daily schedule screen – displays each vaccine driver's schedule for the day.

Above: Round schedule – displays entire round facilities designated to each driver.

Above: Delivery screen – record quantity delivered per doses or units for each facility.

Above: Delivery sign-off – take details of health facility in charge.

Above: Cancel delivery – to cancel or record failed delivery.