Meet the team

Meet The Team - Sally Williams

Balancing work and personal life can be difficult. This is especially true if you have a demanding job like Sally Williams.

meet the team Sally.jpg

Sally is the Project Manager for Sierra Leone’s 117 Call Center and she leads a nation-wide multi-disciplinary 44-man team of District Coordinators, Project Coordinators, Administrative Support and Technical Consultants and the entire staff at the call center in Freetown. While being a project manager extraordinaire during the day, she is still able to find time daily for her passion, fitness, and exercise. 
Sally believes that teamwork is a large part of the reason she is successful in her role and can find time to ensure work/life balance. She relies on all members of her team to perform well in their individual roles and work together to accomplish the goals set for the team and because they’re successful in this, she is able to focus on strategic initiatives that have moved the 117 Call Center forward. Some of these strategic initiatives include transitioning the 117 Call Center from an ebola emergency hotline to a surveillance platform and the 117 Call Center rebranding efforts.

Sally receiving her Team of the Quarter certificate

Sally receiving her Team of the Quarter certificate

She recognizes the fact that her team’s dedication and efforts are a key factor in achieving their goals and getting some of the accolades and milestones they are celebrating. Her team’s dedicated work is paying off. In Quarter 2 of 2019, Sally’s team was voted the winner of ‘’Team of the Quarter,’ award,’ one of eHA’s ways of recognizing teamwork, having fulfilled certain criteria-including outstanding performance, innovation, and quality, during the course of a given quarter.

My role is a challenging but thrilling one. I have an affinity for teamwork. The favorite part of my job is interacting with my team in the districts because they are the ones in the field that go day-to-day out in the community spreading the message of 117. Their dedication is priceless.
— Sally Williams
When Sally is around us, you would hardly tell who is the boss. She mixes well but knows how to get us to do a good job. Her positive attitude towards us motivates us to work harder for best results.
— Maseray Sesay, Project Assistant, 117 Call Center project

Sally works well with everybody, both within the 117 Call Center team and the eHA team as a whole, and is an inspiration to all. She is always encouraging to others and makes others feel comfortable enough to communicate openly and honestly with her. She works collaboratively, allowing everyone to bring their strengths and motivates them to identify and work on areas where they need to get stronger.

Sally loves teamwork but is also passionate about serving in an organization or team that shares her vision. Like eHA’s mission, she finds joy in serving underserved communities, and this is what makes her go the extra mile as a member of the #eHA team.

Sally with some members of her team

Sally with some members of her team

Sally bringing her passion to the workplace, leading fitness activities during our employee engagement events

Sally bringing her passion to the workplace, leading fitness activities during our employee engagement events

I love an organization that is dedicated to helping the underserved population. eHealth Africa is also a family-oriented workplace and that was appealing, especially when one is already far away from home. Knowing that our services to the community do not go unnoticed, excites me the most. Although we have trying times, the day to day challenges motivates me to do more!
— Sally

Meet the Team - Maryam Haruna

What do you do when you have to get 30 people to 25 destinations?

We don’t know but Maryam Haruna does.

meet the_team Maryam.jpg

Maryam Haruna works with the operations team at our Kano campus as the Senior Associate in charge of travel. Here is how she works traveling and accommodation miracles for our staff coming in and out of base locations on a daily basis.

1. Be prepared, even in your sleep

Keeping track of travels is no mean feat! Sometimes, demands for tickets come at odd times and require urgent attention. Maryam’s strategy is to have her work tools on her at all times so that she can access and verify information and respond to travel requests. Of course, this is slightly easier for her because she used to be a Project Field Officer (PFO). Before joining the operations team, Maryam worked on several field tracking and disease surveillance projects and this experience helps her to anticipate and mitigate the challenges of field staff who require her support.

2. Think fast but pay attention to detail

In Maryam’s line of work, it is all too easy to mix up information about who is going where and when. She prevents this with her keen eye for details and her best friend, Google Calendar! Her calendar is one of her most priceless tools and she uses it to manage her time and keep track of appointments and deadlines.

Maryam at work

Maryam at work

3. Communicate frequently and clearly

There will always be changes and last-minute developments to accommodation and travel bookings. Sometimes, flights can get delayed for hours leading to changes in pick-up and drop-off arrangements. Maryam has to ensure that she shares information with the fleet team, the staff member and any other stakeholders as soon as possible.

4. Reward yourself

After a long day, she congratulates herself with a pat on the back and a bowl of frozen mango slices.

Meet the Team - Masud Abdullahi

Masud Abdullahi is the face of eHealth Africa at the Katsina Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

meet the_team- Masud.jpg

As office manager, Masud makes sure that our polio eradication partners, who utilize the EOC have access to all amenities including steady electricity and internet connectivity at all times so that Routine Immunization reports and data from Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIAs) can be promptly reviewed and acted upon.

He has been the Office Manager at the  Katsina EOC for three and a half years now but insists that every day feels like the first day that he resumed. He is still in awe of the time and efforts that go into polio eradication and surveillance.  In addition to managing his eight-person team, he supervises how the assets and supplies that are deployed to the EOC are used. He represents eHA at meetings, builds and maintains relationships with external stakeholders and serves as eHA’s liaison person in Katsina state. 

Masud’s driving force is to never be the weak link in any organization or team. This mindset has helped him evolve from being just a boss to a leader who leads by example. He is especially proud of his team and in his eyes, his greatest achievement is that he is able to lead and build the capacity of his high-performing team so that they can support the organization's objectives and initiatives.

Despite his quiet exterior, he is very adventurous and curious about other places and cultures. He satisfies this curiosity by traveling and watching movies.

I am proud of how far I have come. Since I started working at eHA, I have gained several skills from the numerous trainings that the organization has organized. I have learned how to use digital tools and solutions to support polio eradication activities such as mapping and microplan development. This has increased the value that I add to our work and my potential to be an asset to any other organization. The work at eHA is very rewarding. Last year, the EOC was a command center for Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Cholera, and Yellow Fever outbreaks and I am glad that I contributed to those efforts, in some capacity
— Masud Abdullahi

Meet the Team - Mohamed Sulaiman Kamara

Meet Mohamed Sulaiman Kamara, a die-hard Arsenal fan and the Chief Accountant in our Sierra Leone office!

meet the_team - mohammed kamara.jpg

Mohamed joined eHealth Africa (eHA) as a Project Accountant in 2017 and was promoted to this current position after consistent hard work and excellent performance. Mohamed has always worked closely with his team to ensure that they are working towards their team goals and the organization’s overall goals.

Mohamed’s role is a challenging but exciting one, he and his team primarily support all projects by ensuring their accounting and finance processes and procedures are in line with best practices. He ensures the books are closed on a monthly basis in compliance with regulatory standards and makes sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed for audits. Mohammed also guides and mentors the project accountants, he provides technical support to them when needed and ensures his team remains high performing.

For him, the most rewarding part of his job is the challenges. These challenges help him think critically and innovatively to come up with solutions. Mohammed also enjoys working with diverse teams that include partners and stakeholders, they ensure that no two days are the same at eHA.

In addition to his love and passion for Accounting and Arsenal, Mohammed loves reading motivational books and listening to business news.

Meet the Team - Gift Ogbaje

Meet Gift Ogbaje, our “Director of First Impressions”. She is a security associate/ receptionist with the Operations unit at our Kano office in Nigeria.

meet the_team-Gift.jpg

She joined eHealth Africa 2 years ago. Gift’s primary responsibility is visitor management and she is the first person that our visitors meet when they walk through our doors. Gift takes this responsibility very seriously and has made a conscious effort to improve her interpersonal skills so that guests can feel welcome.

At eHA, our strongest asset is our people. Gift embodies our values here at eHA and has shown a remarkable aptitude for innovative problem solving by creating unique and workable solutions to problems within her team. One of her major successes was her simple solution to the traffic during on-site events with external participants. In place of the cumbersome process of generating and printing individual visitors tags, Gift created tags for the training which she could print ahead of time; as well as a register where each participant could enter their details. Her solution reduced the traffic by over 85% and made work much faster.

At eHealth Africa, I am able to utilize my strengths such as accuracy and attention to detail, optimally. I collect and handle invoices from vendors, which I forward to the finance team for payments. My attention to detail aided by proper documentation has helped to reduce errors and delays in processing payments. I have also gained new skills in time management and multitasking which enable me to perform multiple tasks efficiently, without getting flustered.
— Gift Ogbaje

We are proud to have Gift as part of our team, if you’re ever visiting our office in Kano, be sure to say a warm hello.

Meet The Team - Abdulai Dumbuya

Meet Abdulai Dumbuya, Senior Network Administrator,  in our Sierra Leone office.

meet the_team - Abdulai.jpg

Abdulai has been part of the eHealth Africa (eHA) team for approximately 4 years. He is a team lead and go-to person for issues relating to networking, troubleshooting,  systems backups, the configuration of network application systems, maintenance and administration of Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies and the execution of network disaster recovery plan.

He also the deputy to the ICT Manager and performs administrative duties for the ICT team, including assisting with the preparation of annual ICT budget and procurement for the department.

eHA’s approach to serving underserved communities in Africa is one of my motivations for working with the organization.
— Abdulai Dumbuya

One of Abdulai’s biggest contributions to eHA is reducing the operational cost of the 117 Call Center by over 50%. He achieved this by moving the 117 call center ICT infrastructure from an external provider to the Emergency Operations Center  (EOC), under the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS).

We are glad to have Abdulai on our team!

Meet the Team: Muhammed-Naziru Halliru

Meet Muhammed-Naziru Halliru, a State Coordinator with our program delivery team!

meet the_team Naziru.jpg

Naziru is involved in planning, organizing and delivering activities to ensure that the objectives of the Geo-Referenced Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3) project are achieved. Following the mapping of the 36 states of Nigeria, he coordinated stakeholder engagement at the state level to garner government support for the use and application of geospatial data for better economic planning, resource distribution and decision making across a variety of sectors including health, education, agriculture, housing, and transport.

In addition to this, he supports capacity building activities for data managers at the State Ministry of Health, State Primary Health Care Management Board and the Health Management Information System department to equip them to manage, analyze and use the data stored on the GRID3 portal.

Although he has been with eHealth Africa for only a year, Naziru has made very significant contributions to his team and project. Under his supervision, the GRID3 project mapped 10 states across three geopolitical zones: North Central, North East, and North West and collected geospatial data on 19 point of interest categories. This data has been instrumental in improving the impact and effectiveness of polio eradication efforts in these states.

Naziru credits eHA with his new exposure and familiarity with technological tools which have enabled him to achieve his work goals more efficiently. eHA, according to him, has improved his communication and stakeholder engagement skills, which he believes will be invaluable to him in the long run.

I am particularly proud that I am now able to use modern data management systems and technologies to deliver my role successfully. My work at eHealth Africa has also given me the opportunity to meet and engage with high-profile government officials including governors to advocate for the use of reliable geospatial data for better decision- making.
— Muhammed-Naziru

Meet the Team - Sylvia Kalley

Meet Sylvia Kalley, our Grants and Contracts Senior Manager,  who works in our Sierra Leone office!

meet the_team Sylvia.jpg

Sylvia joined eHealth Africa (eHA) approximately 2 years ago. She plays an integral role at eHA, as she supports the entire project and program portfolio of eHA, across our country offices. She leads the grants and contracts department and is ultimately responsible for the effective management of the full life cycle of projects, from pre-award to close-out.

She manages a team of four, who all contribute to ensuring that the Grants Management office meets the requirements of our clients. When Sylvia first joined the team, she focused on identifying gaps with regards to Grants Management and better internal controls for meeting donor requirements and fostering accountability, in her first year. Now, in her second year, she leads her team to address those gaps and create solutions for better grants and contracts management.

Sylvia’s biggest contribution has been the formalizing of the Grants Management Office including the establishment of the New Business Development Department. Having a formalized office allows for a one to one ratio between a member of our department and each contract within the eHA portfolio. This oversight allows the organization to meet the requirements of each of its contracts as well as improve our credibility with our clients.

Sylvia is particularly proud of her achievements in streamlining the Award Set Up Process for the organization. Before the establishment of this process, visibility regarding signed contracts was quite limited to a few. In collaboration with the larger Finance & Administration team, they created a thorough award set up and project extension notice which provides key information to set up a project in their accounting system once the official contract is signed.

We are happy and proud to have Sylvia as part of our eHealth Africa team.

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Meet the Team - Sonia Khalil

Meet Sonia Khalil, the Procurement Supervisor in our Sierra Leone office!

meet the_team Sonia.jpg

Sonia joined eHealth Africa (eHA) over  4 years ago. Her role supports all programs and projects. She is responsible for procurement activities, including managing supplier contracts & relationships, managing efficient distribution of supplies in the supply chain cycle, and providing training internally to ensure good internal control systems. Sonia serves as the lead in the Operations team to ensure procurement processes and procedures are followed.

Sonia’s work with eHA  has made her develop a strong international field experience in supply chain. This role has  further made her diplomatic, cultural and gender sensitive. When Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone, Sonia had the opportunity of taking part in the Ebola Response Management System right from the beginning of the outbreak, where she served as the focal person for all logistical support for the organization.

During the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccine trial in 2015, Sonia also supervised the logistics, fleet and procurement staff in preparation and implementation of the project work plan to monitor supplies throughout the clinical trial at the time.

Sonia’s contribution to her team has been remarkable. She has established a good internal control system, provided training and coaching on best procurement practices, established proper procurement policy and templates, practiced with the team fair and transparent procurement structures.

Her greatest achievements have been: managing the initial set-up of the offices and providing a system for the rapid distribution of supplies and logistical support to the various emergency response centers in the districts during initial emergency stage in 2014; participating in program and emergency response strategy planning, participating in the development and deployment of policies for best practices.

Sonia won an award for Outstanding Non-Profit Professional Staff of The Year 2018. The award was presented by the Sierra Leone CEO council at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

sonia award.JPG

We are happy and proud to have Sonia as part of our eHealth Africa team.

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Meet the Team - Charles Otaigbe

Meet Charles Otaigbe, a groundskeeper at our Kano campus!

meet the_team Charles O.jpg

Charles joined eHealth Africa four years ago and was one of the staff who made our move to our present facility on Independence Road smoother. He keeps our grounds looking clean and beautiful by taking care of our lawns, flowers and outdoor pest control.

At eHealth Africa, every team member is valued for what they bring to the table. This, in particular, is what Charles loves best about eHealth Africa. He believes that the work environment contributes greatly to staff productivity.

Even though I am not a core project or programs staff, I know that I have contributed to the success of eHealth Africa by doing my work diligently and this makes me proud.
— Charles Otaigbe

We are proud to have Charles on our team.

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Meet the Team - Isaac Too

Meet Isaac Too, who joined the eHealth Africa (eHA) team two years ago as the Finance Manager in our Sierra Leone office!

meet the_team Isaac.jpg

Isaac is responsible for strategic and technical financial leadership to the team, policies formulation and Implementation, stakeholders engagement, accurate & timely donor financial reporting, vendor relationship management, resource management/internal controls and risk management, among other responsibilities.

Some of Isaac’s greatest achievements have been: championing a zero tolerance policy of financial mismanagement and instilling a culture of management by example; successfully managing multiple donor project closeouts, and was instrumental in the closeout and financial reporting in the Liberia office when we closed its doors earlier this year.  Additionally, Isaac has managed two consecutive external audits (for 2 years) without major queries.

He believes in strong teams and is committed to building the capacity of his team and providing the requisite skills and tools with a view to supporting and delivering strong financial management in our Sierra Leone office.

We are happy and proud to have Isaac as part of our eHealth Africa team.

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Meet the Team - Abdulkareem Iyamu

Meet Abdulkareem Iyamu, a Senior Coordinator with our Operations team at our Kano Campus in Nigeria!


Kareem, as he is fondly called, works with the Geo- Referenced Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3)  project that mapped 25 states in Nigeria plus the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Currently, the project focuses on supporting states to use the geospatial data for informed decision making. The implementation of the project is mostly field-based and therefore, requires constant logistics support.

Kareem coordinates the operations side of the project. He makes sure people and resources are where they need to be at all times. He organizes travel plans, coordinates activities and event, and oversees the purchase and delivery of equipment. He ensures that the GRID3 project runs smoothly and often jokes that he could pass for the SCRUM master on the project.

Kareem joined eHA in 2017 and he has proved to be a valuable asset to his team and to eHealth Africa as a whole. He is well known and liked for his skills in organizing and is often drafted into various planning committees. He works hard to build relationships that are beneficial to the program and to eHA. Recently, he identified and helped eHA to win an opportunity for a household survey with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

In Kareem’s opinion, eHA is a platform where every skill is valued and can be honed.

The GRID3 team and eHA as a whole, have done excellently. I am particularly proud of the fact that we successfully completed phase one of the GRID3 project, in record time. At the beginning of the project, it seemed like a herculean feat to map the whole country in 7 months but we did it.
— Abdulkareem Iyamu

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Meet The Team - Patricia Jangah

Meet Patricia Jangah, the Human Resources Manager in our Sierra Leone office!

meet the_team-Patricia.jpg

Patricia joined the eHealth Africa (eHA) team over 2 years ago. She started working with eHA as Manager, Human Resources. She supports all projects at eHA in Sierra Leone.

Patricia maintains and enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices at all times for effectiveness and efficiency. In doing this, she sets up strategies to recruit, develop, retain and reward staff. She Supervises two staff and their department’s mantra is “give results not excuses”. She serves as a connection between the labor related government agencies and eHA in Sierra Leone.

One of Patricia’s greatest successes at #eHA was the development and roll out of the Sierra Leone employee handbook, the development and implementation of an engagement program, called “ Team of the Quarter”. Her department also prides itself on increasing the utilization rate of the HRIS - BambooHR and the attendance software (Swipeclock) by employees to 100% and introducing and maintaining a well structured onboarding program for new employees joining the eHA team in Sierra Leone.

Patricia has also been a vital contributor to the management of all staff related activities in eHA Sierra Leone. Her strength is in creating systems and procedures that make work seamless, and she has successfully done so for the HR team in the Sierra Leone office. She encourages staff development, coaching and mentoring of her supervisees. We are happy to have Patricia on board the eHealth Africa team.

Patricia is particularly proud about the fact that she has been able to put eHA’s HR systems and procedures for success and to create awareness in the organization around Sierra Leone’s labor policies and their  legal implications.

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Meet the Team - Iheanyichukwu Uzoma

Meet Iheanyichukwu Uzoma, an associate manager with our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department.

Iheanyichukwu Uzoma.png

He joined eHA as a Technical Project Manager seventeen months ago; currently, Iheanyi supports GIS tracking activities and analyzes polio vaccination coverage data for settlements in Borno and Yobe states. He also supervises operations for the Vaccinator Tracking Systems project .

One of his biggest achievements is the development of a Missed Settlement Tracking and Analysis (MISTA) Tool, which has been instrumental in identifying, naming and planning immunization campaigns for missed and previously unnamed settlements.

On a daily basis, my team and I are able to resolve lingering issues with tracking and addressing missed settlements during Polio campaigns in security-challenged states like Borno and Yobe states. I am glad because I get to add value to my team and make a positive impact. By participating in these activities, I am also being impacted upon.
— Iheanyichuwku Uzoma

Iheanyi is passionate about capacity building and development, not just for himself but for his colleagues. eHealth Africa, he says, has given him the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills with his team and with other staff across the organization. Iheanyi is very well known across eHA for his role in the rollout and adoption of the official project management methodology, Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2), across the organization. His facilitation and coordination efforts contributed to a 93% success rate in the PRINCE2 Certification examinations taken by a number of eHA staff recently.

Meet the Team - Adam Butler

Meet Adam Butler, the Technical Team Lead in the Germany office, and the voice of eHA’s Aether and eIDSR videos!


Adam joined eHA in May 2015 as a software developer before switching to a project management role and then Technical Team Lead in the Germany office, where he manages the Berlin-based developers, designer, and project manager. His role also includes technical project management, currently on Aether, Aya, Gather, and Gather DRC, a microcensus project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I think anyone who works at eHA has a lot to be proud of. On a high level, I’m proud to have been able to make a small contribution to the (hopefully) imminent eradication of Polio. More specifically, I’m very happy with how we’ve managed to take the Gather application and expand it into the Aether platform; I think that Aether will revolutionize the way that solutions are developed here at eHA. I’m also very curious to see how it will be used by the wider open source community.
— Adam Butler

When he is not voice acting—stay tuned to hear him in upcoming Gather and Laboratory Services videos—Adam helps decide what eHA should build and how to go about building it. Throughout these processes, he supports the development team by providing them with the tools and information they need to produce the best work they can.

In his leadership role, one of the biggest challenges Adam has faced has been resisting the temptation to dive into code himself to start trying to fix a problem. Instead, as a manager, he focuses on clearing the way for a developer on his team who really knows what they’re doing to solve the issue.

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Meet the Team - Friday Daniel

Friday Daniel

Friday Daniel is Project Field Operations Coordinator in our Nigeria office.  He joined eHealth Africa over four years ago as a Field Officer on the Vaccinator Tracking System (VTS) project. He helped to improve vaccination coverage as well as to reach frequently missed settlements in states with high risk of Polio and low immunization coverage rates.  VTS provides immunization coordination teams at national, state and local government levels with a deeper understanding and insight into what exactly takes place at the wards, communities and settlements during the house to house immunization campaigns.
Less than a year after he joined eHA, he became a field operations coordinator and worked across five projects including Auto-Visual AFP Detection and Reporting (AVADAR), Lake Chad Mapping, Field Tracking System and the Polio Vaccination Monitoring and Accountability System. One of his greatest achievements is his pivotal role in identifying unknown settlements under the Vaccinator Tracking System project. He researched and introduced an existing tool to the Field Operations Team which helped to increase the tracking coverage from 68% to 89%.

Friday works closely with partners and stakeholders to ensure that project objectives are met and that governments are provided with useful data that can aid decision- making and planning in line with eHA’s strategy. He also manages and supervises the activities of the field operations personnel to ensure that project activities are implemented efficiently.

I have gained so many new skills since joining eHealth Africa. I love working at eHA because it gives me the opportunity to solve problems and try new things. Being able to pilot several projects to completion and see able to its impact in the communities of operation, is an awesome experience!
— Friday Daniel

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Meet the Team - Foday Sesay


Meet Foday Sesay, the Lead Driver in our Sierra Leone office. He joined the eHealth Africa (eHA) team over 3 years ago as a driver and now manages our in country fleet team, managing both the team of 13 drivers and the entire fleet of vehicles. 
The fleet team is an integral part of our program operations, by providing ground transportation support to all of our programs and projects. They ensure that people and resources reach their destinations safely and on time. Foday is responsible for managing all the moving pieces to make sure all of this happens smoothly. He ensures that every vehicle is in working condition and that the drivers are well equipped with the right tools and training.

I started with eHA as a driver. Four months down the line, I was promoted to Lead Driver. I am proud about the fact that I help drivers adhere to organizational policies. Since I joined the eHA Fleet as a Lead Driver, fuel consumption has reduced.
— Foday Sesay

Foday has focused on processes and procedures to be more successful in his role as lead driver. He plans regular training sessions for the fleet team and this has led to better driving records; there have been no traffic offenses nor have there been any major accidents with eHA vehicles since 2017.  Also, under Foday's leadership, the fleet team has also become more efficient with resource management, the best example of this is continuous decrease of the the fuel consumption rate since 2016.

Foday has made measurable and visible impact since he joined the eHA team and we are happy to have Foday with us, he keeps us moving!

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Meet the Team - Mariam Diop

Mariam joined the eHealth Africa team over 2 years as a project manager in our Sierra Leone office. She managed the 117 Call Center project during the Ebola Virus disease (EVD) epidemic. After the EVD epidemic, she was instrumental in transitioning the call center to a sustainable public health mechanism for Sierra Leone. She has worked closely with partners involved in strategic emergency response and surveillance initiatives at national and district level in ensuring the 117 hotline system was a successful tool that aided their decision making processes.

meet the_team.png


Working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a team of data managers, she helped develop a comprehensive data warehouse of all EVD related data. The Sierra Leone Ebola Database (SLED) will help support Sierra Leonean researchers on the effects and trends of Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and how lessons learned can help prevent and inform another outbreak.

Mariam embodies the values of eHA, her work as a project manager has made a transformational difference for health care in Sierra Leone. She acts as a planner, troubleshooter, risk manager, mentor and support for her team, and has grown professionally while working  with us at eHealth Africa. We are happy to have Mariam on board the eHealth Africa team.

I dare to say I have become a well rounded public health professional with the growth and experience gained from my position as a Project Manager with eHA.
— Mariam Diop


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