Meet The Team - Sally Williams

Balancing work and personal life can be difficult. This is especially true if you have a demanding job like Sally Williams.

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Sally is the Project Manager for Sierra Leone’s 117 Call Center and she leads a nation-wide multi-disciplinary 44-man team of District Coordinators, Project Coordinators, Administrative Support and Technical Consultants and the entire staff at the call center in Freetown. While being a project manager extraordinaire during the day, she is still able to find time daily for her passion, fitness, and exercise. 
Sally believes that teamwork is a large part of the reason she is successful in her role and can find time to ensure work/life balance. She relies on all members of her team to perform well in their individual roles and work together to accomplish the goals set for the team and because they’re successful in this, she is able to focus on strategic initiatives that have moved the 117 Call Center forward. Some of these strategic initiatives include transitioning the 117 Call Center from an ebola emergency hotline to a surveillance platform and the 117 Call Center rebranding efforts.

Sally receiving her Team of the Quarter certificate

Sally receiving her Team of the Quarter certificate

She recognizes the fact that her team’s dedication and efforts are a key factor in achieving their goals and getting some of the accolades and milestones they are celebrating. Her team’s dedicated work is paying off. In Quarter 2 of 2019, Sally’s team was voted the winner of ‘’Team of the Quarter,’ award,’ one of eHA’s ways of recognizing teamwork, having fulfilled certain criteria-including outstanding performance, innovation, and quality, during the course of a given quarter.

My role is a challenging but thrilling one. I have an affinity for teamwork. The favorite part of my job is interacting with my team in the districts because they are the ones in the field that go day-to-day out in the community spreading the message of 117. Their dedication is priceless.
— Sally Williams
When Sally is around us, you would hardly tell who is the boss. She mixes well but knows how to get us to do a good job. Her positive attitude towards us motivates us to work harder for best results.
— Maseray Sesay, Project Assistant, 117 Call Center project

Sally works well with everybody, both within the 117 Call Center team and the eHA team as a whole, and is an inspiration to all. She is always encouraging to others and makes others feel comfortable enough to communicate openly and honestly with her. She works collaboratively, allowing everyone to bring their strengths and motivates them to identify and work on areas where they need to get stronger.

Sally loves teamwork but is also passionate about serving in an organization or team that shares her vision. Like eHA’s mission, she finds joy in serving underserved communities, and this is what makes her go the extra mile as a member of the #eHA team.

Sally with some members of her team

Sally with some members of her team

Sally bringing her passion to the workplace, leading fitness activities during our employee engagement events

Sally bringing her passion to the workplace, leading fitness activities during our employee engagement events

I love an organization that is dedicated to helping the underserved population. eHealth Africa is also a family-oriented workplace and that was appealing, especially when one is already far away from home. Knowing that our services to the community do not go unnoticed, excites me the most. Although we have trying times, the day to day challenges motivates me to do more!
— Sally

Technical Career Development at eHealth Africa

Health systems, especially in within Africa, face the challenge of delivering high-quality services to an ever-growing population with limited resources. This has necessitated the development of innovative approaches to expand access to healthcare to larger numbers of people, even in the most difficult-to-reach locations. The role of electronic and mobile technologies, ranging from simple SMS messaging for reporting and complex information and data management systems for studying patterns in disease prevalence, in the transformation of healthcare delivery has become more evident.

eHealth Africa was founded in 2009, on the belief that adapting technology to meet local needs and settings, is the key to delivering better health services. A decade later and with projects such as the Geo-Referenced Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3) and solutions such as LoMIS Suite and Gather under our belt, eHealth Africa is an established leader in the Global Health Informatics (GHI) space.  Our approach to technology is that systems designed in proximity to the environment in which they are needed are stronger, more effective, and help close the gap between design and use.

Our GHI program spans several technical areas including software development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Analytics, Information Technology & Engineering Operations, Business Analysis and DevOps Engineering. We therefore constantly seek to connect and leverage our work across focus areas while attracting and retaining the best employees. Through a more deliberate focus on employee development, we focus on building and keeping an outstanding Africa-based team to execute our work.

There’s always time to laugh when you love your job

There’s always time to laugh when you love your job

Some members of our GHI team share some of the ways that eHA supports the development of careers in tech.

Evance, Senior Software Developer in Software & Solutions Development

Working at eHealth Africa is by far, the most rewarding career experience I have had. I joined eHA two years ago and before that, I had several years of experience developing software for customer-oriented companies. At eHealth Africa, the focus is on saving lives in the most constrained environments in Africa. Not only have I worked on many projects, all requiring different technical specifications and I have done so in three countries namely, Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria, using some of the coolest technologies available in our age such as Big/Sensitive data management, Offline- aware apps, Biometric identification). Creating software for various contexts and needs, motivates and challenges me to be more creative and to try new methods. I have grown as a software developer because of the work that I do at eHA. It is an amazing feeling for me to see how the codes I write contribute to improving healthcare among underserved populations.
— Evance

Sandra, Senior Business Analyst in Software & Solutions Development

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As a Senior Business Analyst with the GHI program, I work in the capacity of a project manager, responsible for planning and executing a project. I am also responsible for the requirements analysis and documentation, specifications, development cycle and execution of a variety of GHI projects. eHA has provided me and my colleagues with a platform to excel. I have been given way more opportunities in just 1 year working with eHA, than in the two years I spent working with other organizations. At eHealth Africa, there are a lot of opportunities for career growth within the organization, irrespective of your tech inclination. I joined eHA as a Business Analyst in 2017 and by the end of 2018, I had been promoted twice. I have worked on many projects and last year, I was made the project lead for an eLearning initiative for employees and clients. Thanks to eHealth Africa, I and other colleagues were trained and have received the Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) certification, which is invaluable for a career in project management. The organization expects great results from their staff but what is most important is that eHA pushes and supports us to achieve our personal development and career goals.
— -Sandra

Oluwafemi, Associate Manager, DevOps Engineering

DevOps is a growing culture which was born out of the need to roll out incremental changes to software several times daily. In the past, it was not scalable or automated; now with new technologies in cloud computing, automation and deployment, development and operations process are easier and more cost-cutting.
At eHA, we use open source technologies to solve health-related challenges in contexts which are constantly evolving. It is very important for the solutions that we create to move from writing to pushing to production within minutes. DevOps simply eliminates the barrier between the people who develop software and those who operate it, allowing the development of solutions that integrate functionality with enhanced usage and minimal error. I joined eHA about 2 years ago as a DevOps engineer and in that time, I’ve worked with the team on the best and most cost-effective way to evolve and improve our solutions at a faster pace.
The best part of working in eHA, for me, is that there’s always room to learn and grow. I am continuously exchanging knowledge and learning about the latest technology trends to keep up with the ever-growing DevOps culture.
— Oluwafemi

Detan, Associate Manager in Geographic Information Systems

There is a tendency for techies to be somewhat distant from the clients who use their software or solutions. eHA allows members of the GHI team to be seconded to other eHA offices in Berlin, Sierra Leone, and Liberia and to clients in different parts of the continent (Chad, Cameroon, Niger) in order to ensure that the team is fully embedded with clients and fellow technical consultants. This provides a deeper grasp of the context and increases empathy towards the client and the work that we do, making work enjoyable, irrespective of the inherent challenges and risks in implementing a project.
In addition, jobs roles within the organization and division allow for flexibility and adaptability to suit project requirements and career goals. For example, business analysts may double as project managers on a small project, and there are opportunities for project managers and UI/UX designers to transition into product management roles if they are interested in such career paths, while technical leads may also double as technical project managers if need be. Members of the GHI team attend and plan conferences, hackathons and other meetups within the technology industry. This helps our team stay abreast with new trends in our field so they can improve themselves, and deliver better results.
— Detan

eHealth Africa is committed not just to delivering data-driven solutions that address systems-level issues across Africa, but to providing career and learning opportunities to tech enthusiasts. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, experience, and skills with the next generation in order to inspire positive change. eHealth Africa frequently hosts tech meetups in Kano and Berlin to bring together individuals who are interested in developing technological tools for development.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in tech or global health informatics with an established leader in the field, visit the careers page on our website to keep up with internship or job opportunities.