eHealth Africa wins outstanding International Non-Governmental Organization of the year

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, the eHealth Africa team in Sierra Leone won the outstanding International Non-governmental organization (INGO) of the year award presented by the Sierra Leone CEO council at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone.  eHA was selected the winner of this year’s award from amongst dozens of other NGOs working in Sierra Leone.


The Sierra Leone CEO council awards is a landmark annual event for the Sierra Leonean business, political, NGO  and diplomatic community that takes place at the end of each year. In its third year now, the event celebrates excellence, innovation, commitment and best practices in the corporate, public and NGO sectors across Sierra Leone. The theme for this year’s event was: Celebrating exceptional leadership and corporate excellence in Sierra Leone.

Organizations were selected based on the impact they are contributing to many spheres of life. eHealth Africa has been outstanding in the area of development, especially in the health sector.
— Joseph Moore, Chairman, 2018 Organising Committee, Sierra Leone CEO council Awards.

eHA has been working in Sierra Leone since 2014 and we have successfully implemented projects in the areas of Health Delivery, Public Health Emergency System and Disease Surveillance . Our most recent country report shows the progress and successes we’ve accomplished so far this year.   

At this year’s awards, eHA’s Sonia Khalil, Procurement Supervisor, won an award for Outstanding Non-Profit Professional Staff of The Year 2018.

I would like to thank my organization ‘eHealth Africa’ , for giving me the opportunity to take part in the Ebola Response Emergency Management system since the very beginning of the outbreak, wherein we used data management support which reduced the response time to procure test results, streamline the tracing & monitoring of potentially infectious individuals and ultimately contain the spread and severity of the outbreak.
Thanks to all eHealth Africa senior management staff, particular Evelyn our Executive Director, the Deputy Director and my line manager. Your contribution to my growth has made me developed a strong international field experience in supply chain and made me diplomatic, cultural and gender sensitive.
— Sonia Khalil

eHealth Africa’s CornBOT wins Fall Armyworm Tech Prize for Frontier Innovation

Fall Armyworm (FAW) is a major farm pest capable of destroying 85 plant species including maize, sorghum, and tomato. Projections show that if FAW is not checked, sub- Saharan Africa could lose up to $13bn worth of food, keeping 300 million people in hunger.

In response to this, Feed the Future partnered with Land O’Lakes International Development and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture to launch the Fall Armyworm Tech Prize in March 2018. The prize sought for timely, context-specific entries that would enable smallholder farmers to identify, treat and track the incidence of Fall Armyworm in Africa.

CornBot mobile app

CornBot mobile app

eHealth Africa partnered with Dr. Cornelius Adewale, the Bullitt Environmental Fellow at Washington State University (WSU), to develop CornBot, a mobile application equipped with audio-visual algorithms to enable farmers to identify, detect, prevent, manage and control FAW on their farms. The app is very user friendly as it is also available in the farmers’  local languages.

The application also provides handy information that allows the farmer to make requests for specialist’s help where needed. CornBot also has a dashboard that provides real-time information and a heat map for CornBot-reported FAW diagnosis and detection to researchers, decision makers and other stakeholders for surveillance purposes and informed decision making.

Fall Armyworm Tech Prize - Frontier Innovation award

Fall Armyworm Tech Prize - Frontier Innovation award

Out of 225 applications from countries all over the world, CornBot scaled through four stages, including a user testing stage among smallholder farmers to ensure viability and effectiveness, and emerged as one of the 6 winners of the Fall Armyworm Tech Prize. At the AfricaCom Awards, eHealth Africa was presented with the Frontier Innovation award and was also awarded prize money of US $50,000.

About CornBot, the FAW Tech Prize panel had this to say, “CornBot had the highest testing score of all the solutions because the app’s interface was extremely easy to use and included a step by step FAW identification system for farmers. The solution is extremely comprehensive and accessible due to its use of human-centered design”

Through CornBot and our nutrition and food security systems focus area, eHealth Africa aims to develop data-driven, technological approaches to improving the quality and availability of nutritious food products throughout West Africa.