Effective health interventions require medical data to be fast and easily shared between health organizations and their partners. To guarantee a smooth and timely flow of data, ehealth solutions need to be easily integrated with each other and built with the highest standards for security and privacy protection.

Aether is a reliable and secure development platform created by eHealth Africa which enables organizations to build solutions that curate and exchange live information.

It utilizes “data contracts” between systems, simplifies the movement of data between applications, and provides developers with a framework of best practices for ehealth system design.

Aether is an open source project that is freely available to everyone.

We believe that eHealth Africa’s solutions save lives when they are completed quickly, adopted fully, maintained easily, and interoperate with other solutions


Interoperate different source data

Aether allows you to aggregate different structured data by mapping them to predefined “schemas”. In this way health organizations can adhere to a common data structure before they start exchanging information. Thus, Aether facilitates data sharing for a faster and more accurate data-driven decision making process that helps save lives.

Connect Aether with different external applications in real time

With Aether you can develop connectors for unsupported or custom applications using an Aether Software Developer Kit. In this way Aether simplifies the integration of popular ehealth applications and flows the collected and curated data in real-time to one or more downstream destinations.

Deploy protected and secure data  

Aether assures patient privacy by masking or transforming personal data before sharing them. Once the data has been aggregated, curated and eventually masked, data publication can be done using either highly secured cloud environments or in on-premises deployments.

Use case – Gather

Gather - a versatile data collection and curation tool built on top of Aether. Gather enables people to securely collect data in the field and quickly share it anywhere where it is needed.

The challenge

Often times different data collected in the field need to be aggregated and transformed before being published. Most of the existing data collection tools, however, do not support the data interoperability and curation needed to perform these tasks and have to go through the expensive process of exporting and restructuring data before publishing them.

The solution

Being built on Aether, Gather can interoperate differently structured data collected in the field, integrate them with other systems and workflows for data management, transformation and analysis, and securely deploy them using cloud environments or on-premises deployments.

The impact

Sierra Leone

The CHAMPS (Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance) network uses Gather to collect data as part of an initiative to identify and prevent child death.


calls per week to report child deaths in 2018 (average)


The GRID (Geospatial Reference Information Data) project uses Gather to collect spatial reference data and other points of interest such as health facilities, schools, markets and post offices to create a geodatabase that the government uses for data-driven decision making.


points of interest collected since Nov 2017


The DRC Microcensus project used Gather to conduct a microcensus in the region of Kinshasa and Bandundu to predict how many people live in each settlement and estimate the total population for DRC, information that is playing a vital role in the current Ebola outbreak.


households and


individuals were surveyed